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Our Passion, Our Company

Welcome to Himalayas Expeditions, a unit of Pebble Hills. We are committed to travelers as a means of enriching one’s knowledge and understanding of the real Himalayas around us. As of now we operate treks only in one state that’s known for its core and virgin beauty, Uttarakhand is a land apart... Colorful, eventful, intense, adventurous, exotic... the ultimate destination for the traveler, seeking the new the unknown, There is simply no substitute for travel to broaden our view, enrich our culture and stimulate our mind. We understand this at Himalayas Expeditions and we make this all possible on our treks, join and let us make it happen for you.

We are a team of enthusiastic, passionate trekkers and adventurers. We invite you to share our love and passion of adventure travel in the Indian Himalayas.

Our experienced team mates have been taking people on adventures for couple of years now. We are the Adventure tour operator providing trekking tours, motorbikes Tours, Skiing Tours etc. on one side and on the other side we offer weekend getaway tours, Family holidays tours, Wildlife Tours, Cultural Tours, pilgrimage tours etc.

We blindly believe that adventures change lives and we have seen it happen. Our guests have asked us to offer additional destinations in Uttarakhand-INDIA and our team has asked us to take more bookings. We prefer to remain as a mid-sized company with a slow and steady growth in order to offer the best of the best and most consistent product to you.

We want people who work at laptops, computers and spend half of their lives in office, meetings etc. to meet people with wonder in their innocent eyes who are living off the land and People who are happy it is humbling as well as inspiring. Our tours are an nostrum to modern life. We don't need the 4G, We need real relationships, to talk to people, look them in the eye and offer tailor made tours to rejuvenated.

Our Vision, Our Dream

The Himalayas Expeditions is the centre of experiential travel in the Himalayan region of India. We believe, live and promote responsible tourism practices and also contribute to local community upliftment. Be it Adventure, Culture or Nature, we are here to create genuine and lifelong travel experiences for everybody.

Few of the many USPs of Himalayas Expeditions are:

  • To provide authentic experiences (and not just packages) to all our travelers.
  • focus on the essential elements of the travel eco-system: Nature, People, Culture and the traveler
  • Community involvement. When you get involved with Himalayas Expeditions, you are positively impacting the life of at least one person from the community.
  • Work on the principles of Responsible Travel. We believe that travel should be responsible towards Nature, towards the local community, towards local sentiments and towards the local culture.
  • Experiences that span the length and breadth of  Adventure, Culture and Nature

Why Himalayas Expeditions

  • Himalayas Expeditions gives the experience of Himalayan spirituality, serenity, solitude and rawness terrains, we would like to travel in smaller groups
  • Himalayas Expeditions have knowledge of mighty Himalayas for its cultural richness, diversity, differently graded terrains and challenges.
  • Himalayas Expeditions is passion for us, we are experienced mountaineers ourselves. We don’t operate our company as corporate focused to make big profits. As it’s a passion TDH is for our simple living.
  • Himalayas Expeditions grows with each group we handle as we work closely with mountain lovers.
  • Himalayas Expeditions appreciate each trekker passion and customize with one need and stay free from any constraints enforced by other 'unregulated' parties into the group.
  • Himalayas Expeditions operated treks in almost entire Uttarakhand state as of now, as we are stick to one state, we offer the best of the services without compromising on our quality, and safety standards. We are well connected to professional local guides and other resources required on an expedition.
  • Himalayas Expeditions is equipped with the best quality equipment required for the all weather Himalayan Expeditions, which focuses on your Safety, Comfort, Confidence, Hygiene and Ecology.
  • Himalayas Expeditions always try to offer the best deals along with better exploration of the trek selected.
  • Himalayas Expeditions plans the best evacuation strategies as well on the one hand and the best standards of medical safety on the other hand. Our trek leaders are also equipped with Pulse Ox ‘meters to monitor the blood oxygen saturation at high altitudes and also carry High Altitude Medicine Kit.
  • Himalayas Expeditions always believe in natural acclimatization, on treks we are 'US' including the porters who carries more weight than 'US'. TDH design itineraries in such a way which keep height gains in mind for safety of team.
  • Himalayas Expeditions believe in lifetime experience for trekkers
  • Himalayas Expeditions believes Himalayas are godly to us and we try to give back to the Himalayas in return for giving us food and making our dreams come true, by being a responsible traveler. We raise awareness on the topic with our trekkers and locals while on trek.

Our Team, One Family


Sanam Ahuja

Himalayas Expeditions is the brain child of Sanam Ahuja who loves to explore new destinations and travel responsibly. He exudes energy with great panache that fuels his ventures. A go getter, with an eye on maximizing the sensory impact of the adventures experience that is Indian Himalayas! Sanam ‘s blend of inborn essential planning and fun flair guides his teams and helps achieve new highlight with each new venture that HIMALAYAS EXPEDITIONS undertakes. He has multiple insights into what makes Himalayas the golden destination that it is. Final destination is the prize, but the journey is gold! Sanam Ahuja is a firm believer of this philosophy. When he is not mapping the high point for someone’s Himalayas sojourn, he likes to dedicate his time to his loving family. Born and bought up in New Delhi but his passion taken him to Himalayan ranges. He is a connoisseur of sumptuous food and loves a good spin on his car and scooter, YES scooter.

Satish Ahuja

An another important senior member in Himalayas Expeditions Shri Satish Ahuja, His combination of patience and business acumen helps raise the roof with each new exciting venture that Himalayas Expeditions undertakes. A calm oasis in the midst of a whirlwind, his Zen mindedness helps guide the teams and sharpen the needle of detail. He has in depth knowledge of the pulse points that make Himalayas the exotic destination that it is. In his free time he loves going back to the mountains to do something he calls detoxing. We like to call our passion as EXPERIENCES as they are mostly full of unique, lifelong experiences. In his free time, he loves to unwind by listening to old Hindi songs and loves his Whiskey with water. Mr. Ahuja is actually is peoples man. Ever smiling and going about life likes it’s a cruise,


Ravindra Kandari again another important partner with Himalayas Expeditions brings solidity to anything and everything he touches and is a pillar of strength for the organization. He is a passionate adventurer since his childhood and done advance mountaineering course from JIM and is a whitewater rafting professional and national level skier participant apart from that. His business acumen, cool headedness and ability to think through all situations give him immense confidence and he is like a cooling influence on rest of the people. His knowledge of business matters is supreme and it is due to these abilities, that he has been able to achieve so much in so little time. A proven Trekker makes him the backbone of the organization. Ravindra brings immense value to the set-up. His undying hard work, passion for client satisfaction and self motivated approach makes him an indispensable member of the core team. His trademark no-filter assessment is appreciated and depended upon to give a clear as crystal experience.

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